“Teaching skiing for over 40 years has given me the experience to watch literally thousands of skiers of all abilities. The dynamics of body types, physical ability, equipment, terrain, and snow conditions dictates the skier’s experience. It is finding the right balance of these dynamics that makes skiing enjoyable. That is my job, helping people reach that balance.”

Dan Clausen, Professional Ski Instructor Association Honorary Lifetime Member, Owner MWP Ski Shop

Zeke Fashingbauer learned to ski as a child at Winter Park. He now teaches, coaches the local youth team and trains instructors and coaches. Days off you’ll find him in the U.P. carving turns or taking his family on ski adventures. Zeke is a PSIA Examiner, level 3 Nordic instructor, Children’s Specialist. He also holds a level 100 coaching certification from USSA/CXC.

“The best skier wears the biggest smile”